How To Keep Yoga Mat From Rolling

How To Keep Yoga Mat From Rolling

Most yoga mats are stored rolled up. Rolling your mat is the best way to keep it safe while moving it from one space to another. But once a mat has been rolled, you may wonder how to keep your yoga mat from rolling when it is meant to be flat during your practice. There are ways to stop your mat from curling or rolling up during practice, and we have selected our favorite tips to share with you.

Keep yoga mats from rolling by alternating the direction of rolling for storage. Consider folding the mat in half before rolling or placing heavy objects on the corners to weigh it down. Yoga mats can be hung straight or kept open. Mild heat can be used to help straighten yoga mats. 

If your yoga mat is tripping you up with curly edges or the propensity to roll up on itself when it should be lying flat for you to practice on, the tips we have for you will likely prove handy. Try some of these ideas and see which works best for you. No yogi should be focussing on their mat more than their form. Let’s get on that.

How To Keep Your Yoga Mat From Rolling Up

Yoga mats are often stored in bags where they are rolled tightly to avoid taking up too much space. This is a handy storage method, especially for those traveling to yoga classes away from home.

The issue with rolling your yoga mat is that when the time comes to unroll it for class, you may be left with a mat that keeps rolling and curling up instead of lying flat on the floor.

There are several methods to keep your yoga mat from rolling up, and we have selected our favorites to share with you. Let’s look at each in detail as we unpack how to use them to reach a state of a divinely straight yoga mat.

1. Alternate The Direction Of Rolling When You Store Your Yoga Mat

It is typical for yogis to roll their mats after practice. The mat is then placed in a bag and stored until the next class.

When you roll the mat in the same direction every time, your mat could begin to roll up at one end instead of lying flat on the yoga floor for class.

If this happens, consider alternating the direction of the roll before placing the mat in your bag. Roll from the foot end one session, the head end the next session, and so on.

Alternating the direction of the roll will keep the mat supple and allow it to lie flat when open.

How To Keep Your Yoga Mat From Rolling Up

2. Fold The Mat In Half Before Rolling It

One way to prevent your mat from rolling or curling is to fold it in half before rolling it for storage. This method allows you to roll your mat in record time and also helps keep it cleaner and more hygienic than standard rolling methods.

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When you have folded the mat in half, from foot to head, the bottom of the mat that touches the floor is folded in on itself. Only the part that you touch is exposed.

That means that as you roll the yoga mat, the part that touches the floor will not touch the part that your hands and feet touch.

This method can leave a crease mark on your yoga mat. Consider if this is something that would bother you before attempting this way to solve your rolling mat issue.

3. Place Heavy Items On The Corners Of The Mat

If you use your mat at home and have time to spare before your practice session, this option could work well for you.

Lay your yoga mat out on the floor and place flat, heavy objects on the corners. Heavy books work wonders for this purpose, but you can use any flat and heavy items.

Stay away from sharp objects, as they will likely damage your mat.

Leave the mat to flatten for an hour or two before you need to use your mat, and you should have a straight yoga mat for class.

4. Hang Your Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can be hung to keep their shape. If you have space to hang yours, consider using a hanger with pegs or a dedicated pants hanger for your mat.

Be aware that the pegs or clasps you use to hang your yoga mat could make dents in the material. Testing the pegs and fasteners to see which works best for you and your specific yoga mat is a good idea.

Hang your mat outside after a clean to air dry, then keep it indoors until your next class. Do not leave it in direct or harsh sunlight, as this can damage, melt, or fade the material of your yoga mat.

Some yogis hang their mats by punching holes in the narrow side of the mat. Reinforce your holes with rings to avoid tearing. After practice, you can hook your mat up for easy and straight storage that will help prevent rolling and curling.

5. Store Your Mat Open

The best way to keep your mat from rolling is to store it open. If you don’t need to take your yoga mat anywhere, consider keeping it open and flat between classes.

If you travel to your yoga class, you can roll it while traveling and then lay it flat once at home.

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Many yoga teachers and studio owners store their mats open and flat in the studio. This method works particularly well for heavier mats but can also be used for thinner ones.

. Store Your Mat Open

6. Use Mild Heat To Straighten Your Yoga Mat

If your mat is curling at the corners or keeps rolling up when you try to use it, consider using a little heat to reshape it.

When using heat on your yoga mat, ensure that it is mild. Severe heat will damage your mat and could melt it beyond repair.

Get your source of mild heat from the sun. Place your yoga mat in a partly shaded area and let Mother Nature set it straight for you. Do not leave your mat in direct sunlight for extended periods, which could damage the mat.

You can also get your heat source from an electric heater. Place your mat near a heater for a short while. Do not put the heater on full, instead on medium heat, and supervise it at all times. After a few minutes, the mat should begin to straighten.

Hairdryers are good sources of mild heat for yoga mats. You can control the heat and move the airflow to the needed spots. As with the heater, keep the temperature on medium to avoid melting or burning your mat.

7. Regularly Clean Your Mat

Yoga mats that are grimy and sweaty can become sticky. Sticky mats are more likely to curl and roll during practice.

To ensure your mat stays flat, clean it once a week or after every practice. Use a mild mixture of dish soap or vinegar and warm water in a bowl, bucket, or spray bottle and dry it off with a dry cloth. Let it air dry until completely dry before packing it away.

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8. Give The Mat Some Time

New Yoga mats often curl and roll when unpacked. If your mat is new, you may need to give it a little extra settling time to straighten out before trying other methods.

Leave the mat unrolled for a few days, and try rolling it in the opposite direction before leaving it straight again. It should settle on its own.

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Yoga mats tend to roll and curl when tightly rolled for storage or when they are grimy or sweaty. Clean your mat regularly or store it flat. Roll it in the opposite direction each time you use it, lay heavy objects on it, or use mild heat to help reshape it into a flat composition.

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