Do You Need Two Yoga Mats?

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One or two yoga mats, which makes for better exercise? While stretching into your latest yoga position or perhaps just chatting with your yoga buddies, this is a question that may have come up. These days, it seems as if more and more people have been giving it much thought, so I thought it would be a good idea to lay down some of my findings in writing in answer to this question.

Deciding whether you need one or two yoga mats depends on several subjective factors. This includes size, whether or not you’ll use cushions, the texture of the mats, degree of comfort, physical dexterity, positions to practice, affordability, etc. In short, it‘s a highly subjective procedure based on individual need and want.

If it’s atypical, then when does it become necessary to have two yoga mats? Are there any benefits or advantages to using two instead of one mat? If so, how should you use two mats to get the best out of your yoga experience? Let’s take a look at some of the answers to these questions.

When Does It Become Necessary To Use Two Yoga Mats?

The primary reason for acquiring two mats is need. Need will also determine the degree to which you are willing to get two mats instead of one, for example, going the extra mile to get two mats even if the price is steep, or the mat is old and worn or second hand. The deeper the need, the more prone you’ll most likely use whatever means are necessary to get a mat- even at great individual preferential costs. Those who can choose and are not as influenced by need as others their decision will most likely be affected by the following.

  • Size-Perhaps the size of your mat is no longer satisfactory to your yoga needs. Yoga is a constantly evolving form of exercise with trends that come and go, even if most of the core principles are retained. Certain poses, positions, and stances may no longer be in vogue during these evolving trends due to their incompatibility or suitability to the new issue mats.
  • Alternatively, current mats may be deemed too outmoded for some of the new poses, stances, and positions. In such cases, getting a second mat would be a necessary alternative. I have been previously caught unaware of the evolving trends of the movement. On account of my lagging yoga practices, I got a new mat more suitable to what was ‘in vogue’ at the time
  • Options– a second mat can be necessary simply because it gives you the option to choose. Whether it’s because your current mat is old, worn, or just simply no longer to your liking, knowing that you have another mat at your disposal will give you that added peace of mind and assurance of knowing that you can just choose a second mat to you use as the need arises.
  • Added features you’re like me, sometimes you just want to make things a little more interesting during yoga sessions. This includes adding cushions, using ropes, playing twister, dancing, or any other complimentary form exercise that you can do in tandem with yoga. Certain aspects of these complementary exercises, e.g., playing twister, may require you to use a second mat because of the extended surface area required for some of the positions.
  • Texture-The textiles used to make yoga mats are some of the most durable that you can find anywhere in the world. Even so, these textiles are still subject to wear and tear due to extended use, and so you may want to swap or dispose of mats whose textures have grown worn. To spare yourself the time and effort it takes to get a new mat, having a second readily available at mat is a good investment in this case.
  • Alternatively, the textural make of some mats may be unsuitable to your aesthetic tastes, specific allergies, or even personal ethics regarding their production. With the increased collective consciousness surrounding our ecology, biomedical advances, and business ethics, it is not uncommon to find people who object to the three qualities above regarding textiles. If you fall among these people, then getting a second mat becomes a necessity that offsets the possibility of these.
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Are There Any Benefits Or Advantages To Using Two Instead Of One Mat?

The above are just some of the chief reasons for getting you to think about getting a second mat. As you can see, all of them arise out of a need of some sort. Now, the thought might cross your mind as someone who is not used to using two mats about the benefits of using two mats besides fulfilling some of the needs discussed above. These are some of the advantages that I found.

One of the recurring complaints that people usually have about yoga revolves around the reasonably high levels of discomfort they experience during sessions. Of course, there are many reasons besides having one mat that can cause people discomfort during sessions, including unsuitable poses, rigorous positioning, and lack of understanding of the core health principles of yoga. But more often than not, as two heads are better than one in finding solutions to problems, having two mats beside one makes for the easier practice of yoga. Having more surface area to practice on gives you the ease to stretch your limbs whichever way you choose, a much-needed factor in ensuring that you get the best out of your yoga sessions.

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Along with this ease of movement and comfort comes a degree of physical dexterity. One mat may constrain your ability to move in whichever direction is necessary for whatever pose or stance you’re practicing. Stretching your limbs to their fullest extent is one of the most critical aspects of posing in yoga, and it requires a degree of dexterity that one mat may not accommodate.

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Physical dexterity also accommodates another essential aspect of yoga which involves the various poses and positions you want to practice. Again, having one mat may not be conducive to ensuring that you can practice whatever array of positions you would like to familiarise yourself with. This limitation may stunt your developmental growth as a person who practices yoga. Having a broad catalog of poses and positions to choose from in our yoga sessions helps improve your skills as a yoga practitioner through the flexible application of yoga’s core principles.


Yoga is one of the most integral aspects of ensuring yourself against bad health and assuring you good health. When it comes to using two mats instead of one, the most important thing to consider- besides necessity- is whether or not having two mats will optimize your yoga experience.

If it does, then you can rest assured that deciding to get two mats is an investment that will hold you in good stead in the long run of your association with yoga. Whatever reason is involved while making your choice, always weigh it against the possibility of improving your skills as a practitioner of yoga.

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