Step-by-step: How to Clean Microfiber Yoga Towels

microfiber yoga towels

There is nothing worse than slipping or sliding on your mat during a sweaty Bikram yoga class! From that perspective, my microfiber yoga towel has become an essential part of my yoga kit. Although, I was concerned about keeping it hygienically clean.

With so much conflicting information on the internet concerning the best way to clean my trusty yoga towel, I decided to compile hassle-free, step-by-step microfiber yoga towels cleaning guide.

Microfiber yoga towels are easy to wash, either by hand or in a washing machine in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach. Dryers may be used at the lowest heat setting, or they may be air-dried outside. Alternatively, follow the label washing instructions.

While sanitizing your microfibre yoga towel might sound straightforward, I have realized that there are a few essential sanitizing steps to follow if you want to preserve your yoga towel in peak condition. To avoid ruining your much-loved yoga towel as I did, follow my step-by-step cleaning guide.

Your 5 Step Microfibre Yoga Towel Cleaning Guide

Microfibre material is an ultra-efficient material due to its high absorbency, strength, and its ability to dry quickly after the material has been exposed to moisture.

Additionally, it is more resilient than other materials as it is produced with micro-fine strands (finer than a human hair), which are closely woven together. Therefore, it is incredibly durable if you meticulously follow my cleaning instructions.

Here is a failproof, step-buy-step guide to sanitize your microfibre yoga towel:

Step #1

Remove debris – if you have been practicing yoga outside, dip your microfiber yoga towel in a bucket of cold water for a minute to remove any excess dirt. Do this, especially if you want to clean the yoga towel in your washing machine without contaminating it.

Step #2

Soiled yoga mats – soak your yoga towel in a clean bucket of water with a mild detergent for approximately an hour if it has not been washed in some time. Alternatively, you can pre-soak the soiled yoga towel in your washing machine.

Step #3

Sort colors – your microfibre towel should ideally not be washed with normal towels or clothing as cotton lint can attach itself to your yoga towel, damaging it.

However, if you want to save water by washing your yoga towel with other clothing items, ensure that they are the same color. Some microfibre colors might bleed and spoil other clothing items.


Step #4


Washing machine – microfiber fabric should ideally be washed with a mild detergent in cold water using the same amount of detergent as usual for a particular load.

Set your washing machine in a gentle setting. The water temperature must be set between 60 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid using any bleach or fabric softeners as they will damage your yoga towel.

Step #5:

Drying your yoga towel – microfibre dries incredibly quickly. Therefore, if you would like to use your tumble dryer, use a very low-temperature setting without drying sheets and remove your towel as soon as it is dry. Or let it dry gently over a clothing line on a sunny day and remove it as soon as it’s dry.

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Frequently Asked Microfibre Cleaning Questions

Even though you now know how to sanitize your trusty yoga towel efficiently, there might still be some remaining questions that need to be addressed in this regard. So, hopefully, the following answers will save you some time.

How many times per week should I wash my yoga towel?

Like with any other piece of clothing that is exposed to sweat and bacteria, your microfibre towel should ideally be washed after each intense yoga session. For gentle forms of yoga where sweating is not an issue, the towel may be washed less often.

What should I do if I mistakenly used fabric softener or dryer sheets to clean my microfiber yoga towel?

Relax. Not all hope is lost! Simply rewash your microfibre yoga towel without fabric softener. It will be as good as new.

Must I use a specific brand to wash my microfiber yoga towel?

While there are plenty of bespoke microfiber detergents on the market, you don’t need them. Simply use your normal washing detergent if it does not contain any bleach or added fabric softeners.

How long will my used microfiber yoga towel last?

Microfiber is an incredibly resilient material, so it should last for numerous years if you follow these step-by-step instructions. Your yoga towel’s longevity depends on the frequency of washes required to keep it sanitary.

When will I know that it’s time to replace my trusty yoga towel?

While Microfiber is a hardy material, it can only handle a limited amount of washes before it starts to wear down, making it time to look for a new replacement.


Your Next Microfiber Yoga Towel – Five Great Tips & Tricks

So, you’ve realized that your beloved yoga towel has reached the end of its lifespan? Then it certainly is time to purchase a new microfiber yoga towel that will last another few years with good care.

Like buying clothing, it’s imperative to compare the quality, style, and color of the wide array of yoga microfiber towels currently on the market. So, let’s have a look at a few important factors to find your next perfect yoga towel.

The Material

A yoga towel’s material should be an essential factor in your decision-making process.

Microfiber material is hands down the best option for yoga towels as they are soft and highly durable.

Absorption Is Key

Yoga towels were made to absorb a yogi’s sweat. Therefore, your new yoga towel must be able to soak up a lot of moisture.

Yoga towels with thin materials are ideally suited to moderate yoga practices. In comparison, the thicker yoga towels are ideal for those who sweat excessively in Bikram or Vinyasa yoga sessions.

The Durable Factor

To avoid replacing a newly purchased yoga towel as it is not fit for purpose, take your time reviewing various brands.

Another great tip is to consider the frequency of your yoga practice sessions. If you practice yoga several times per week and need to wash it more often, a thicker yoga towel will be a great buy as it will last for years.

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The Price Tag

Look for a pricing “midpoint” that will not only suit your budget but provide a long-term return on your investment. If it does not meet your long-term needs, it’ll be counterproductive to purchase a “cheap and cheerful” yoga towel.

Consider The Size

Another important factor to consider is ensuring that the size of your new yoga towel fits the circumference of your existing yoga mat.

Yoga towels are produced in various sizes, so it’s imperative to first assess the dimensions of your yoga mat before going on a buying spree.

Four Added Microfiber Yoga Towel Benefits

If you need more motivation to purchase a replacement microfiber yoga towel, look no further!

The added benefits of investing in a good quality yoga towel are too numerous to mention, but here are the four overriding benefits to consider.

Save Time

Yoga mats are notoriously difficult to clean as you cannot use a washing machine to sanitize them thoroughly.

Moreover, they take a long time to dry, increasing the chances of growing mildew or mold. Not a pleasant thought!

Placing your yoga towel on top of your mat will save you a lot of time as it can simply be cleaned after each yoga practice in your washing machine. 

Extra Padding

The most pertinent lesson we learn in yoga is to be mindful of what our bodies are telling us, which will make you realize that you need additional support.

Yoga mats are not similar in thickness; a decent yoga towel might add to your comfort level.

The extra padding is also beneficial for your body’s joints as the yoga towel provides additional joint support, which is an important factor to consider as we age.

Your yoga towel also protects your yoga mat from friction as it stops the mat from disintegrating due to tears and holes that would otherwise occur.

Hygiene Matters

Your yoga towel will be your saving grace from a hygienic point of view!

It does not matter whether you are using your yoga mat or a yoga studio mat. The fact that you can simply clean it in a washing machine should give you great peace of mind.

Multipurpose Use

Microfiber yoga towels are incredibly versatile! Due to their great absorbency rates, they can be used on the beach, in a field, or around the pool and dry instantly.

Moreover, traveling with a yoga towel takes up less space in your luggage which means that you can even practice your asanas in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.


Treating your versatile microfibre yoga towel with care is a great investment of your time and money. Simply follow my tried and tested cleaning guide, avoid using bleach and fabric softer, and you are ready to master your next yoga practice confidently.

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