Manduka Pro Yoga Mat- All Reviews Considered

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat- All Reviews Considered

There’s a massive rave about the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat, and it is a popular choice for yoga teachers. Manduka prides itself in creating premium quality yoga mats designed by yogis for yogis. They have a huge reputation for having some of the best yoga mats on the market, but is their Pro Yoga Mat all that?

Out of thousands of reviews, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat has a majority consensus of extremely positive ratings with minimal complaints. Most reviews indicate that it is a fantastic purchase, mainly due to its quality and durability, but the mat has many other features.

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is worth considering, and if you’d like to know the why, we’ll have an in-depth exploration of its features, what thousands of others have to say, and what the downsides are. With this knowledge, you can decide if Manduka’s prized Pro Yoga Mat is a merited purchase!

A Closer Look At Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Features

Manduka advertises their Pro Yoga Mat as being the number one mat choice for yoga teachers across the world. The mat is dense and cushioned, provides support for stability and joint protection, and is non-absorbent. What’s more, each one is handmade and has a lifetime guarantee! So, does the Pro Yoga Mat live up to the hype? All these aspects will give you a closer insight!


The Pro Yoga Mat is made from polyester and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is an inherently non-absorbent and highly durable plastic. The mat is dense and extra firm and doesn’t wear over time, making it excellent for support and stability.

The material is latex-free and Certified 100 by Oeko-Tex. Okeo-Tex is a company that certifies textiles for human and ecological safety, so these Manduka mats are good to go!


The Manduka Pro is pleasingly wider than many other yoga mats at 26″/ 66cm wide and comes in two lengths of 71″/178cm and 85″/216cm, so taller yogis can enjoy them too!


The Manduka Pro Yoga mat is 0,24″/6mm thick, which is a little thicker than standard mats, but it’s all in the name of comfortable cushioning and safety for your joints. The thickness is handy if you plan on some outdoor yoga on grass or sand.

The thickness makes the Manduka Pro versatile for different styles of yoga but may get in the way of some balancing Asanas and floor feel, but the mat is ultra-stable, nonetheless.

Weight And Portability

A yoga mat tends to weigh between 2 lbs/1 kg and 7.5 lbs/3 kg, but the Manduka Pro is a weighty7.5 lbs/3.4kg. This means the Manduka Pro mat isn’t your first choice for a travel buddy but will hold its ground throughout your practice. The weight also means that when you roll the mat out, it is immediately flat with no unwanted curling right from the start.

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, Purple ,71″
  • PRO YOGA MAT: Professional quality ultra-supportive 6mm thick yoga mat, for the serious yogi,…
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Comfortable medium thickness for stability and joint protection; 4.7mm cushioned…

Grip And Traction

The Manduka Pro yoga mat is notorious for needing to break in before you reach a comfortable grip, but once settled, you’re bound to be impressed. The other minor hang-up is that the grip doesn’t work as well if you sweat a lot because the material doesn’t absorb any, but you can solve the problem with a yoga towel.

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The base of the mat has a dot pattern to prevent it from moving, and on top, there’s a non-stick layer to keep your yoga flow flowing. And yes, these textile features do work!


Does the Manduka Pro’s denseness in the way of comfort? Luckily not! This mat’s comfort is outstanding, and you will easily enjoy a well-cushioned ending corpse pose.


As you’ll notice later from the reviews, the Manduka Pro excels in performance, leaving many happy customers in its wake. The mat is versatile to many types of yoga and pleases beginners and advanced yogis alike.


The mat features plush joint cushioning and a fantastic grip to keep your practice secure and balanced. It performs better than many of the competition’s yoga mats. This Manduka mat lives up to its quality promise and matches its price tag.


If you’d like to buy a Manduka Pro, you’re looking at a slightly steep price of $138, not including delivery. Although the price is a chunk out of your wallet, the quality is almost unreal, and you’ll have a durable mat for years to come, maybe even a lifetime.


The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat has a mat lifetime guarantee if used and cared for properly. Note that the lifetime of a yoga mat is ten years, but some users have had theirs for well over twelve years!


There are 12 Manduka Pro Mat colors to choose from, but they aren’t super bright or vibrant, which may be a slight downside, but they are still pleasing colors. Some people aren’t too pleased about the logo size, but you can’t please everybody!

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Due to the closed-cell design, the mat is resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt, simplifying cleaning to a basic wipe-down.

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Yoga and eco-friendliness go hand in hand, and Manduka keeps that in mind. Although PVC plastic is used to make the Pro Mat, Manduka promises they are created with a process that prevents the release of any harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Reviews

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat has over 6200 Amazon reviews, with a 4.7-star rating, proving it’s a worthwhile purchase. A handful of Amazon reviews complain about the mat’s logo and creasing if not stored properly.

The most common negative review is that the mat is slippery, possibly due to break-in issues, but a handful is still unpleased with the grip post-break-in. Other than that, most people leave raving reviews pleased with all the features previously mentioned.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Negatives

Nothing is perfect, so there are a few downsides to the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat, but they aren’t the worst and don’t take away from the greatness in quality and durability.

Breaking In

The biggest and most apparent downside to the Manduka Pro is that it takes a few sessions before the mat is worn in, and the grip works properly. The fact that you need to break it in does ward off a few buyers, but many reviewers still advocate that it’s worth the purchase, even with the breaking-in process.

How To Break In The Manduka Pro Mat

  • Three weeks of daily use. You can use a towel over it in the meantime.
  • Lay sea salt over the whole mat, rub it in, and leave it for 24 hours. Then use a wet cloth or rinse with water to remove the salt.


The Manduka Pro is extremely heavy compared to other mats, and this isn’t the most fun when carrying it around from place to place.


Due to being non-absorbent, those who practice intense yoga and sweat may notice it gather on the mat and experience slipping. You can use a towel to wipe it up, but if you tend to get hot and sweaty, you should look into another option.


The price is steep, and there are more affordable options, but you might find cheaper mats to be of lesser quality.

Wrap Up

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is worth considering thanks to its in-depth features, raving reviews, and minimal negatives. Although it takes a bit of cash and some breaking in, the Manduka Pro Mat is a fantastic yoga mat worth considering.

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