The 20 Best Yoga Books For Home Practice

So, you have decided to start practicing yoga at home. Yay! While videos are a wonderful tool for practicing yoga at home, there is something special about books. Books allow you to explore each pose in more depth and make yoga accessible anywhere, even on the beach. Not to mention, most of us can do with a little less screen time.

We’ve identified the twenty best yoga books to complement your daily home practice. Let’s take a closer look!

The best yoga books for home practice include:

  1. Light On Yoga: The Bible Of Modern Yoga
  2. Yin Yoga & Meditation
  3. 2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses
  4. Science Of Yoga
  5. The Yoga Bible
  6. Yoga Sequencing
  7. The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga
  8. Yoga For Everyone
  9. And more…

What Are The Best Yoga Books For Home Practice?

Choosing the best books for home practice can be a challenging task. There are so many books! What makes a yoga book suitable for home practice? We carefully selected the books in this article based on how easy they are to follow without an instructor, their knowledge, and the quality of the photos and illustrations.

1. Light On Yoga: The Bible Of Modern Yoga

Dubbed “the bible of yoga,” this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore all aspects of yoga. Not only does this book cover the physical path of yoga (Hatha yoga), but it also provides an in-depth knowledge of the philosophies of yoga.

Each pose is explained comprehensively yet easy to follow. The more advanced poses are made more accessible with build-up poses and by providing modifications to the pose. At the book’s end, the author provides a 300-week hatha yoga routine to follow; enough for years of home practice!

Author: B.K.S. Iyengar

ISBN-10: 0805210318

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2. Yin Yoga & Meditation

This book on yin yoga is comprehensive and will provide incredibly valuable information on the principles of yin yoga.

While this book includes poses, a big part is focused on meditation, relaxation, and connecting with the world in a holistic, spiritual way. It provides an extensive range of techniques for meditation with step-by-step instructions.

The poses in the book are written with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. This book strikes a good balance between instruction and information.

Author: Sagel Urlacher

ISBN-13: 979-8985626605

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3. 2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses

This is a great book for inspiration! With the thousands of poses in this book, it’s understandable that in-depth instructions for each pose are not included. That said, the photographs are high quality, well presented, and clear enough to follow.

While many of the poses are advanced, there are plenty of beginner-friendly poses and variations of more complex poses for beginners. Each pose includes English and Sanskrit names, modifications, and gazing points for focus.

Author: Daniel Lacerda

ISBN-10: 9781631910104

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4. Science Of Yoga

For those less interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga and more intrigued by the physical benefits from a scientific standpoint, this is the book for you.

This book introduces the reader to a wealth of scientific knowledge about human anatomy in a way that is easy to understand without much knowledge of biology. After familiarizing you with human physiology, it explores thirty yoga poses that are most commonly practiced.

Each pose is depicted with the muscles and ligaments that benefit from the particular pose, illustrating what muscles are engaged and stretched. Each pose includes notes on modifications and variations for an assessable workout.

Science of yoga is a wonderful book if you use yoga as a form of physical therapy.

Author: Ann Swanson

ISBN-10: 146547935X

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5. The Yoga Bible

What makes this book amazing is the compact size, small enough to fit in your handbag or gym bag, and the clear instructions for each pose.

The book briefly introduces the philosophies of yoga, the chakras, and the different styles of Hatha yoga without going into too much depth and overwhelming the reader.

Each pose is accompanied by quality photographs, step-by-step instructions, and other helpful information such as the gaze, build-up poses, and counter poses. The book also shows modifications to each pose for beginners.

Author: Christina Brown


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6. Yoga Sequencing

This book provides a comprehensive guide on sequencing your routine for home practice. Suited for teaching and home practice alike, the Instructions are thoroughly explained and provide in-depth information about each pose.

The book is well-written, includes many photographs, and explains in great detail what muscles need to be warmed up and toned for each pose, as well as providing examples of poses suitable for these preliminary exercises. Example sequences are also provided.

This book will be a handy resource you will regularly refer to.

Author: Mark Stephens

ISBN-10: 9781583944974

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7. The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga

As the name suggests, this truly is a complete guide to yin yoga! The book is incredibly resourceful and thorough and contains valuable information for anyone practicing yin yoga.

The book explores the philosophies of yin yoga and how to incorporate them into daily life.

The instructions are clear and detailed yet easy to follow and understand. Each pose has an abundance of modifications to accommodate all levels of yoga. Photographs are high quality, and the models are all shaped and size, making them more relatable.

Author: Bernie Clark

ISBN-10: 0968766587

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8. Yoga For Everyone

Despite your preconceptions, yoga is not only for the lean and supple. This book will change your view on yoga in a delightful, approachable way.

Beginner-friendly and easy to practice regardless of age, body shape, or fitness level. Many poses are suitable for wheelchair users or pregnant women. At the beginning of the book is a guide on how to use the book.

The models are real people of all ages, ethnicities, and body shapes; they are very relatable. Each model has a story about them that will inspire you to continue your practice at home, no matter the obstacles.

Author: Dianne Bondy

ISBN-10: 1465480773

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9. Yoga: The Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillness

Although the photographs are black and white, do not let that deter you. This book is a cherished guide on the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Granted, if you are more interested in the physical form of yoga and want a book only on asanas, this is not the book for you. This book is focused on the union between the body and mind, achieved through stillness and meditation. The detailed guide will relieve your anxieties and reconnect you with your inner intuition.

While the book focuses on inner peace, it includes asanas guided by breathing techniques and mental benefits. The writer shares his personal story, how he discovered yoga, and how it has transformed his life. His testimony gives the reader to practice stillness and listen to the body.

Author: E. Schiffmann

ISBN-10: 0671534807

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10. Yoga Anatomy

This book is similar to the Science of yoga, but more focus is placed on skeletal alignment versus muscle activation. The book explores in depth the physiology of yoga in an accessible way. However, it also covers the spiritual aspects of yoga.

Each asana illustrates what muscles are activated or stretched during the pose, accompanied by meticulous notes and breathing techniques. The newer version of the book is spiral-bound, which is great for home practice as the book stays open on any page.

Author: Leslie Kaminoff

ISBN-13: 978-1450400244

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11. Relax And Renew

As the title describes, this book is about restful yoga for stressful times. This is a must-have book for those struggling with anxiety, stress, or finding it hard to relax.

The book is beautifully written, with clear instructions and photographs. The use of props is discussed in detail, including tips for making your own. Many of the poses are suitable to be practiced by busy people; the sequences are short and can be practiced at your desk or couch.

The poses are carefully curated for deep relaxation, allowing you to settle in the pose, unwind and calm a racing mind.

Author: Judith Hanson Lasater

ISBN-10: 1930485298

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12. Restore And Rebalance

Like her other book, this book focuses on deep relaxation. The perfect book for days when you feel out of balance, exhausted, or stressed.

This book is approachable and easy for all ages and fitness levels. The use of everyday props makes it accessible for everyone. The poses will restore your physical and mental well-being, help reduce stress, and help lower your blood pressure.

Author: Judith Hanson Lasater

ISBN-10: 161180499X

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13. The Complete Guide To Yoga Inversions

Most home practice yoga books focus on beginner to intermediate yogis, and finding a more advanced yoga book can be tiresome. This book is a gem for the advanced home practitioner.

The introduction is short and sweet, jumping right into the poses. The book is divided into categories, with each category opening with a gateway pose and progressing from there to the more advanced poses. Instructions are clear but minimum; more suited to someone familiar with yoga.

While this is a more advanced book, the gateway poses make it suitable for intermediate practitioners who want to include inversions and balancers.

Author: J. Decurtins

ISBN-10: 0785838317

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14. The Key Muscles Of Yoga: Scientific Keys

The first volume of two, this book goes into great detail about the human anatomy; muscles, bone structure, ligaments, and joints.

Each section covers a group of muscles, explains how these muscles work together, and provide a few asanas that tone and stretch the particular muscles. This book is useful to ease or strengthen specific muscles and use yoga as physical therapy.

Author: Ray Long

ISBN-10: 1607432382

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15. The Key Poses Of Yoga: Scientific Keys

The second volume in the series of scientific keys, is asana-focused. The book provides a theoretical understanding of stretching and then examines 55 of the most fundamental poses. Each pose contains photographs and illustrations with notes on the muscles used.

Where volume one is best used to search for a helpful pose for a particular muscle, this volume brings anatomical understanding to a particular pose.

Author: Ray Long

ISBN-10: 1607432390

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16. Yin Yoga: Stretch The Mindful Way

Known for her popular YouTube channel “yoga with Kassandra,” Kassandra has written this book much like her videos: clear and incredibly easy to follow. If you are familiar with and love her videos, you will love this book!

The book presents the reader with an introduction to yin yoga and its many benefits. The introduction follows with easy-to-understand instructions to each asana; exceptionally photographed and finished with a “food for thought” in the form of a quote.

The Sequences provided are perfect for home practice, and as the transitions between poses are slower, it is helpful for beginners who struggle to keep up with the faster pace of other forms of yoga.

Author: Kassandra Reinhardt

ISBN-10: 1465462732

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17. Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion

This book is an absolute must-have for anyone practicing yoga at home! It is beautifully written, well-illustrated, and explains the philosophies of yoga clear enough to easily incorporate them into your daily life.

The book explores the physical and mental benefits of yoga. It details helpful daily habits like relaxation and meditation, which will greatly benefit those suffering from anxiety and stress. Not only does it delve into the proper techniques for each asana, but it also shows the common mistakes of each one.

What makes this book particularly wonderful is the broad covered aspects, including proper breathing, a guide on concentration, and a proper diet. Recipes are included too! 

Author: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

ISBN-13: 978-1465473189

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18. Yoga: The Top 100 Best Yoga Poses

A great book for beginners! The book starts by explaining all the benefits of yoga and how to incorporate yoga into your daily life. The asanas are divided into sections based on the body parts that strengthen and stretch, helpful for those recovering from injury.

The book also delves into the different breathing techniques and adds a selection of sample routines that are easy to follow at home.

Author: Susan Hollister

ISBN-10: 154685102X

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19. The Complete Guide To Yoga

What a wonderful book for the whole family! This book is a must-have for home practice! With a focus on Iyengar yoga, this book is thorough and beginner-friendly. It introduces the history and philosophy of Iyengar yoga and guides on how to practice the asanas.

The book contains over 800 high-quality photographs, with several photos per asana. The detailed instructions and the additional images make it all easier to understand. Each asana includes tips on the finer details to pay attention to, like foot alignment and gaze, as well as modifications to make the pose easier.

The best thing about this book is the conclusive section on yoga for kids that is fun and playfully named to excite children into practice. The section includes games that can be enjoyed with friends and “quiet time.”

Author: J. Smith, D. Hall, B. Gibbs

ISBN-10: 9781780192277

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20. Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual

This book will be a helpful reference for anyone interested in ashtanga. Although the images are black and white, each pose is well instructed and photographed with several modifications, including the final pose and easier versions for beginners.

The abundance of variations makes this book very approachable and suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. It is spiral bound for easy handling when practicing at home.

Author: David Swenson

ISBN-10: 1891252089

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